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Hi to everyone visiting my Wiki Page. As you many know, the Kung Fu Panda Movies by Dreamworks Animations Studios provides an online website for people to create an avatar of either A) Tiger Style, B) Panda Style, or C) Monkey style, to become a Dragon Warrior. Using this website, you play games to earn money and chi energy to level up sash levels to become a Dragon Warrior. You have your own Kung Fu Houses, you can interact with your Wushus, play games with friends, chat with friends, travel around the world, buy clothes, and SO much more. This website is really cool but if you are going to enter the world I will give you a heads up on what you should know.


A drawing of an old-relic we ddawg fans like to call "KFPW". Everyone should know what the tiger and dragon symbolize. Its sacred to us.


I use chatlands now. Us wolves are "drawn like a moth to a distant moon", are we not?

Describe your topic- Well, in that case, my topic is not really a topic. I'm just a usual blogger, with a love for writing stories and roleplay. Some pics below for an idea of my topics.Edit

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I'm a chatlands assassin.


As seen in my Wikia-Loggin profile picture, this is basically a description of my Fursona, Chief.


This is an interpretation of the Goddess Diana. My name is spanish is spelled Diana, and she is goddess of the moon and hunt. Funny, she looks like me. *close friends would know*

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